Summer course: Taxonomy of marine flora, phycologyExternal

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Deadline: March 4, 2016

This course will take place from 1 - 18 Jul. 2016,  The Roscoff Biological Station (France).

The Roscoff Biological Station (France) organizes each summer a hands-on introduction to marine algae and plants with an emphasis on seaweeds. Students will become familiar with species identification, their morphology, biology and ecology. Seaweeds are collected during field trips so that an understanding of the organisms in their natural environment is acquired. Laboratory methods emphasize the use of essential literature, on-line tools and microscopic examination in order to understand the morphological and reproductive details relevant to this purpose. Evolution, systematics, biology and ecology of algae are studied. Field trips are organized in a wide variety of habitats with spectacular diversity. Algae are collected and studied in vivo back in the lab. Students participate to a collaborative work to produce a list of species that grow in artificial habitats (leasure harbor, Roscoff).