Post news

How to punctually post pieces of news of other contents on the EuroMarine website

If you wish to post a piece of news (or otherwise add or revise contents) on the EuroMarine website and in the periodic news digest, please contact commateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu, possibly providing draft text and any relevant attachments or links.

The EuroMarine Communication Officer will post new contents at the earliest and contact you in case futher information is required. New contents will appear in the next periodic news digest which is distributed on the EuroMarine mailing list. Direct online submission of new contents will be possible in the future.

How to become a regular contributor to the EuroMarine website

EuroMarine welcomes volunteers willing to contribute to EuroMarine communication by directly editing new contents. Please express your interest to become a EuroMarine web contributor to commateuromarinenetwork [dot] eu