Networking Calls

EuroMarine organises yearly calls to advance marine science or services. In 2021, EuroMarine is opening calls covering: >>scientific activities >>fellowships >>organising a EuroMarine summer school >>a working group of recently retired marine researchers >>topics for a EuroMarine podcast.

>>Overview (preannouncement) of the 2021 calls
>>More about EuroMarine calls
>>All EuroMarine calls for proposals or fellowships

01 Sep 2021|EuroMarine
 In 2021 EuroMarine is organising a slate of distinct, parallel calls:More

Network Activities

EuroMarine networking notably occurs around and during the activities that the network organises or funds. Yearly General Assembly meetings gather representatives of all member organisations to develop EuroMarine strategy and action plan. Steering Committee meetings prepare or develop General Assembly decisions. The scientific activities, which are funded after competitive calls, always involve multiple member organisations and are open to the whole membership.

OYSTER, the EuroMarine Early Career Scientists group, develops and carries out its own yearly programme of activities.


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November 26, 2021
Call for applications for Young Researchers Visiting Fellowships  External
The Make Our Planet Great Again (MOPGA) call for applications for Young Researchers Visiting Fellowships is currently open. Deadline 10 January 2022. The call targets young international researchers...
November 25, 2021
PhD in Marine Biology/Environment and Sustainable Aquaculture  External
The Laboratório Colaborativo em Aquacultura Sustentável e Inteligente (S2AQUAcoLAB) is seeking 1 Marine or Environmental Sciences biologist. Deadline 30 November 2021. The vacancy is open citizens of...
November 25, 2021
PhD position in Plastic-free Norwegian waters  External
Deadline 7  January 2022. This PhD-position will focus on applying knowledge from behaviour change psychology and geography to develop and pilot interventions that enable a transformation in the...
November 24, 2021
Doctoral candidate opportunity  External
The Systems Ecology Group is looking for a Doctoral candidate Modeling N 2 -fixation in the global ocean (N2FIX): Understanding of the role of tropical regions in the global nitrogen cycle. Deadline...