Networking Calls

EuroMarine organises yearly calls to advance marine science or services. In 2021, EuroMarine is opening calls covering: >>scientific activities >>fellowships >>organising a EuroMarine summer school >>a working group of recently retired marine researchers >>topics for a EuroMarine podcast.

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01 Sep 2021|EuroMarine
 In 2021 EuroMarine is organising a slate of distinct, parallel calls:More

Network Activities

EuroMarine networking notably occurs around and during the activities that the network organises or funds. Yearly General Assembly meetings gather representatives of all member organisations to develop EuroMarine strategy and action plan. Steering Committee meetings prepare or develop General Assembly decisions. The scientific activities, which are funded after competitive calls, always involve multiple member organisations and are open to the whole membership.

OYSTER, the EuroMarine Early Career Scientists group, develops and carries out its own yearly programme of activities.


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October 15, 2021
Ocean Protection and Monitoring Technologies and Services  External
Ocean Protection and Monitoring Technologies and Services 20 October 2021, 09:00 - 13:00 online Webinar  jointly organized by the European Investment Bank, the European Commission’s...
October 15, 2021
Launch of OneOceanScience : a digital world tour of the ocean and climate science  External
OneOceanScience will highlight the mobilization of researchers around the world to describe and understand the interactions between the ocean and climate and to propose solutions to fight the climate...
October 15, 2021
Communications Officer  External
The EuroGOOS Office seeks a Communications Officer.  Deadline for applications is November 5 The Communications Officer will support the EuroGOOS team, members, and regional networks in...
October 12, 2021
Call for Expressions of Interest: Membership on the Ocean Decade Data Coordination Platform  External
Nominations for membership in the Ocean Decade Data Coordination Group will close on Friday, October 29th at 11:00 PM Universal Time. The Data Coordination Platform will have two components: The...