EuroMarine School applications will be evaluated by members of the EuroMarine Steering Committee. Each application will be allocated a total score out of 15, with a maximum of 5 marks available for each of the following three criteria:

  1. Excellence: Merit and innovative nature of the proposed School; ability to address cross-disciplinarity; ability to identify solutions for Ocean challenges.
  2. Impact: added-value to EuroMarine (i.e., to what degree a proposal addresses EuroMarine priorities and favours the integration of the EuroMarine community, including the number of member organisations involved; enhancing the EuroMarine network visibility at EU and international scale).
  3. Implementation: Capacity and role of each applicant, and the extent to which the application team as a whole brings together the necessary expertise. Quality and effectiveness of the School organisation and use of resources. Measures to reach and support participants from both the EuroMarine network and other organisations.