The CIMA Foresight Workshop focuses on identifying and evaluating marine Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECMs) in Europe. OECMs are a new conservation approach but a powerful tool to contribute to the objective of protecting 30% of the oceans by 2030, for the preservation of biodiversity. In Europe, there is a need to explore the potential for marine OECMs and their practical implications, and they are still relatively unknown in EU policy development and implementation so there is an urgent need to provide information about these tools. It aims to standardize methodologies, promote knowledge exchange, and establish a network for future project proposals.

Key Objectives

This workshop has a clear aim: to standardize methodologies, foster knowledge exchange, and establish a robust network for future project proposals. Its core objectives include defining OECM criteria following IUCN guidelines, establishing a methodology for identifying potential marine OECMs in Europe, and creating a working group to facilitate ongoing evaluation and collaboration. More specifically the workshop’s objectives are:

  • Analyse the criteria and characteristics of OECMs following the IUCN-WCPA 2019 working document, where the criteria and scope of application of OECMs are defined.
  • Create a working group to establish and agreed methodology to identify and evaluate potential marine OECMs in Europe.
  • Identify potential marine OECMs in Europe.
  • Facilitate the academy-institutions link for the implementation of the line of research with the objective of identifying marine OECMs candidacies susceptible to success. The composition of experts in each country supports the achievement of the objective.
  • Promote the exchange of innovative and conservation experiences in OECMs areas in Europe as a result of proposals already initiated in land.
  • Disseminate the results of the network regarding OECMs through dialogue forums open to the different actors (government bodies, NGOs) and to society in general within the framework of each participating country.

Expected Outcomes

Anticipated outcomes encompass the publication of a peer-reviewed paper on European marine OECMs, the formation of an active working group for continued evaluation, and the development of a draft project proposal for upcoming European calls.

  • A peer-reviewed publication that will include, among others: A summary of the current situation regarding OECMs in Europe with a particular focus on the marine field.
  • Identification of potential marine OECMs in Europe within our respective regions.
  • Create an active working group (network) to agree on a methodology to identify and evaluate potential marine OECMs in Europe.
  • A possible project application to future European calls regarding OECMs.

Expected Impact

This initiative seeks to unify OECM criteria among partners, strengthen collaborative networks, and initiate crucial dialogues within national partners. Participants from various domains such as scientists, policy makers, and NGOs are encouraged to engage, contributing diverse perspectives toward the overarching goal of advancing marine conservation efforts in Europe in alignment with the UN's objective of protecting 30% of oceans by 2030.


For registration and participation to this workshop you should reach out to Ana Colmenero colmenero@icm.csic.es