Addressing Global Ocean challenges and developing a sustainable blue economy are priority areas for the European Union and its Member States over the coming decade. International and European initiatives such as the UN Ocean Decade and the EU Mission Restore our Oceans and Waters are just examples of the policy support to protect and restore our oceans. The Marine Research Community now has the challenge of addressing the scientific knowledge gaps to achieve the ambitious goals of these initiatives.

EuroMarine as a member-based, interdisciplinary, collaborative network of European marine organisations and research institutes, is seeking a way for their members to address the knowledge gaps and provide the solutions needed for the Ocean we want.

The EuroMarine 2023 Open Science Day and General Assembly Meeting will be held in Lisbon, Portugal as an in-person event from 1-2 February 2023 to discuss solutions to these challenges. The draft agenda and more info on the venue can be downloaded below.

The Open Science Day welcomes all marine researchers to discuss: “How can the marine research community contribute to identify and address the Scientific Knowledge Gaps to tackle the global ocean challenges?”

Join us for an open discussion on how the research community can continue to help restore our oceans and promote the Blue Economy’s sustainable development.

Based on the outcomes of our Open Science Day, the EuroMarine General Assembly members will work on defining the strategy for the coming years. The main objective is to explore key considerations, opportunities and challenges for the marine research community and identification of how EuroMarine can support its members going forward.