The ACTNOW Project invites you to participate in a questionnaire on the perceptions of socio-ecological and political relevance of biodiversity indicators.

The questionnaire is organized into 13 sections reflecting different classes of indicators, which were developed under Task 1.2 of the ACTNOW project:

  • Aggregated community indicators
  • Univariate diversity indicators
  • Multivariate diversity indicators
  • Species-traits indicators
  • Functional indicators
  • Phylogenetic indicators
  • Trophic indicators
  • Network-based indicators
  • Temporal early warning signals
  • Spatial early warning signals
  • Stability indicators
  • Global biodiversity indicators
  • Essential Ocean Variables
  • and an additional section on the relevance and perception of environmental DNA (eDNA) as a tool for deriving biodiversity indicators.

Your insights are essential to the project. ACTNOW encourages you to share your perspectives on all questions, even if you do not actively employ specific biodiversity indicators in your work. However, it is possible to skip questions if you are not sure of the answer.

The following glossary contains the terminology focusing on these key attributes of biodiversity indicators.

The questionnaire takes 20-30 minutes to complete. Thank you for your collaboration!