21 Nov 2023

The latest research on the regulation and resilience of the earth systems is alarming. Crossing the boundaries of our systems increases the risk of generating large-scale abrupt or irreversible environmental changes. The Ocean as a major regulator of the biosphere is at the focus of the European Union. Researchers are now asked to provide impactful research in a multidisciplinary and ever-changing environment. In this new context there is a need to reflect on how the Marine Research Community can help addressing the global ocean challenges.

In response to this imperative, Euromarine Network is gearing up for its annual Open Science Day on the 13th of February, themed "Science at the boundaries: Addressing the brink of the social-ecological and climatic tipping points of marine ecosystems." This event welcomes scientists, experts, and stakeholders to participate in four designated sessions.

13th February - Open Science Day

The Open Science Day (Day 1) is an open-to-all science day. The day begins with a high-level scientific session hosting esteemed global experts, showcasing cutting-edge research in the field. Following this, dedicated sessions will highlight the scientific contributions of EuroMarine members as well as the ECRs and spotlight projects funded under the EU Mission Ocean & Waters.

14th February – General Assembly meeting

EuroMarine organises its annual General Assembly meeting for its members back-to-back with the Open Science Day on the 14th of February. During the General Assembly the representatives of EuroMarine members will convene to approve the activities of the network for 2024. This year annual General Assembly will focus on the 10th anniversary of EuroMarine network.

The event is kindly hosted by the University of Bologna. Both online and on-site participation will be possible. A detailed agenda and more information will follow shortly.