31 Jul 2023

Throughout July, the EuroMarine Summer School "Emerging topics in coastal marine ecosystems (eTOPs) was held at the University of Cádiz (UCA). This event presented a unique opportunity to engage with distinguished experts in the field through a series of eight seminars of excellence.

This seminar series was hosted in person at the Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences of the University of Cadiz. It was jointly organised by EuroMarine, the Institute for Marine Research (INMAR) from the University of Cadiz, the European University of the Seas (SEA EU), and the International Doctoral School in Marine Studies EIDEMAR.

The schedule can be consulted below:

Monday 3 July. Pip Moore (Newcastle University, UK).

The ecological and socio-economic impacts of marine heatwaves.

Tuesday 4 July. Sam Dupont (University of Gothenburg, Sweden).

What do we (really) need to address ocean acidification? From science to action.

Thursday 6 July. Giuseppe Suaria (CNR-ISMAR, Lerici, Italy).

Global occurrence, abundance and distribution of macro and microplastic pollution in oceanic environments.

Friday 7 July. Miguel A. Mateo (CEAB-CSIC, Blanes, Spain).

The palaeoecological approach based on the seagrass sedimentary record.

Monday 10 July. Patrizio Mariani (Technical University of Denmark DTU).

Applied underwater technologies: automation and robotics for ocean observations.

Tuesday 11 July. Ignacio Gestoso (INMAR, Univ. Cádiz, Spain).

Marine biological invasions: mechanisms, impacts, and management.

Thursday 13 July. Antonio Tovar (ICMAN-CSIC, Cádiz, Spain).

Environmental impact of sunscreens: Using new technology for sustainable tourism.

Friday 14 July. Mark Costello. (North University, Norway).

Global ocean biogeography: Latitude, depth, climate change, 20 C Effect.

You can access and watch all recorded presentations in your own time through this link:


For more information, please email: euromarine@uca.es.