Deadline: 30 Nov 2023

Published: 22 Nov 2023

Contact: Chantal Compere

IFREMER is seeking a Scientific Directorate (DS) for their office in Nantes, France. The Scientific Directorate will be responsible for developing and deploying the institute's scientific strategy, both internally and in external partnerships. It guarantees the transversality, quality and relevance of Ifremer's scientific activities. As such, it participates in the various decisions concerning the resources allocated to scientific activities.

The Science Deputy Director (DSA) is directly under the responsibility of the Scientific Director and works in coordination with the other Deputy Scientific Directors. Within the strategic framework of the Institute, its field of activity focuses on:

  • the interface between the DS and the scientific and technological departments,
  • the interface between the DS and the coordination of the support for public policies (APP) and in particular the management of specific objectives included in the ‘Objectives, Means and Performance’ contract (COMP) with our supervisory ministries and in the institute project under the theme " Science for and with society",
  • the interface with the Innovation Department,
  • the interface with the Atlantic Center Management, particularly for partnership relation and site policy (I-Site NExT, PUI Nantes University).

Within the Scientific Directorate, you also interact with the assistant, the project managers and thematic referents. Through your mandates, you are required to work with the directors of scientific departments and the various functional departments.

Main missions

  • Guarantee, in the positioning and exchanges of the DS externally, consistency with Ifremer's strategy (institute project, strategic plan – contract of objectives, means and performance).
  • Contribute to building partnership links between Ifremer and all research organizations (universities, engineering schools, etc.) at the national, European and even international level in the field of the sea.
  • Participate directly in the Atlantic Center's site policy, and in particular in the construction of partnership projects with Universities and Engineering Schools.
  • Contribute to strengthening interactions and transversality between the different Ifremer teams, particularly at the Nantes site and the attached coastal stations.
  • Strengthen the institute's capacity for influence in expertise and support for public policies, and convey the institute's messages within the framework of openness to society as defined in the Ifremer institute 2030 project.

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