Deadline: 09 Jul 2025

Published: 08 Apr 2024

The International Conference on Marine Protected Areas in Marine Spatial Planning (MPA-MSP) is scheduled for the 9-12th of July 2025 in Bodø, Norway.

Enjoy a three-day event in Bodø with a full, engaging agenda that includes expert speakers, networking time, and field trips to Saltstraumen MPA and other spectacular sub-Arctic environments.

Explore the latest updates and scientific advances in marine biodiversity conservation at the MPA in MSP Conference. The conference will cover topics such as MPA planning, climate change effects on marine biodiversity, blue carbon science, and spatial planning benefits. More information on the agenda and speakers to follow soon!

About the MPA Europe Project:

MPA Europe will map the optimal locations for Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in European Seas. Using a holistic range of measures that include the range of biodiversity from species to ecosystems, including habitats, areas will be prioritised using systematic conservation planning software. This enables alternative weighting of variables and multiple scenarios and thus support wider marine spatial planning.

If you’re interested in getting the latest updates from the MPA-MSP conference happening in in 2025, in Bodø, Norway, please fill out this form.