Deadline: 12 Feb 2024

Published: 24 Jan 2024

A PhD course on Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics will be held at Kristineberg Center for Marine Research and Innovation from the 10th to the 20th of June 2024.

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This course provides the students with a broad knowledge of ocean chemistry, and especially of processes within the biogeochemical cycles for carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and silicon. Emphases are both on the water column and on sediments, on chemical exchanges between these reservoirs, as well as on processes at redox interfaces.

The course also includes principles of large-scale ocean circulation, as well as heat and carbon exchange in the Southern Ocean. Performance of nutrient, oxygen, pH and other sensors, how sensors are used for long-term chemical observations of the ocean, and what we can learn about ocean biogeochemical dynamics from such observations, are also part of the course. The course has a global marine emphasis.

Entry Requirements:

For admission to the course, the applicant has to be registered as a doctoral student (third cycle education) or have a doctoral degree.

More information about the course, and how to apply, is available on the link below.

Deadline to apply is 12th of February.