Deadline: 18 Apr 2024

Published: 03 Apr 2024

Contact: Dr Graham von Maltitz

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellow to join the Climate and Marine teams at SANBI. The successful candidate will lead research to improve the planning for climatic adaptation in marine ecosystems.

This could potentially contribute to the proposed Green Climate Fund marine and costal adaptation concept proposal. Applicants can share their vision of how their postdoctoral research can build upon existing local and or international research and innovate in terms of advancing climate resilience in marine ecosystems in South Africa. This work should feed into climate adaptation planning and or spatial planning to support climate adaptation in resilience under the global biodiversity framework. This could include spatial analysis to support protected area expansion or other effective conservation measures that advance the protection marine ecosystems. Research could focus on literature review and local application or innovation draw from international progress in this context. The successful candidate will be able to contribute to South Africa’s National Biodiversity Assessment.


The postdoctoral fellowship is open to anyone who has completed a PhD in the last five years, or who has submitted their PhD thesis for examination and it will likely be awarded within the next few months. Requirements include demonstrated aquatic biodiversity and oceanographic knowledge, knowledge of climate change and an ability to synthesise literature and apply this in a local context. Good writing skills are essential as is a track record of publishing in peer-reviewed journals. Experience with spatial analyses may be an advantage if the postdoc is likely to contribute to spatial planning and assessment, but there is flexibility in terms of the focus and approach of the successful candidate.

Research Areas:

The main focus of this fellowship is to support climate adaptation in marine ecosystems. There is some flexibility depending on the research experience and interests of potential candidates, with scope to tailor the postdoc to be mutually beneficial across research teams. The successful candidate will be expected to work with climate scientists and the marine biodiversity programme staff at SANBI. There is potential to be involved in both the National Biodiversity Assessment and spatial planning to improve ecosystem protection.

Application procedure:

  • Applications must include a standard bursary application cover sheet (attached to this advert);
  • a full CV;
  • certified copies of ID and academic records;
  • two letters of reference (one must be from an academic supervisor);
  • examples of published work and a motivation letter describing the applicant’s suitability for the position in terms of skills and experience and highlights of achievements to date, research interests, a potential vision for the postdoc and future goals should be included in at least 2 paragraphs (max two-pages in total for the overall letter).