Deadline: 04 Sept 2023

Published: 08 Aug 2023

Monitoring the state of the oceans, both in terms of chemical and physical parameters, can be a demanding task, due to the high variability and complexity of the marine environment.

The application of the metrological concepts to oceanographic research is not always straightforward but represents a pillar in supporting the collection of sound and reliable data from global monitoring networks. A fundamental aspect of the metrological framework is the evaluation of the measurement uncertainty, being a paramount property of every measurement result, which assures the comparability of data collected all over the world.

In this context and to contribute to reaching this goal, the EU project MINKE is organising a new three-day training-workshop entitled “An introduction to measurement uncertainty for young and early career marine scientists” to integrate the training in metrology for marine scientists started in 2022.

The workshop will be held from 25th to 27th September 2023 in Torino, Italy, with entirely on-site participation.

The first day of the workshop will be devoted to giving an overview of the topics related to measurement uncertainty; the second day will focus on the measurement uncertainty context, where specific case studies and issues will be discussed. Finally, the third day will be organised with visits to INRiM laboratories and a round table with all the participants, to promote an interactive discussion on the covered themes.

Support is foreseen for in-person attendance, and participants wishing to avail of this possibility should fill in the attached application form (appendix 1 below) and send it to the organizing committee by 4th September 2023.

MINKE stands for Metrology for Integrated marine maNagement and Knowledge-transfer network, and it is an EU project that is aiming to try to lay down the foundations of a framework for making measurements coming from Ocean and Coastal Observing Systems more reliable. The project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Call entitled “Integrating and opening research infrastructures of European interest”.