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PhD Opportunity in impacts of electrofishing in coastal habitats
The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) has an open position for a PhD to investigate organism and ecological impacts of electrofishing in Scottish shallow coastal habitats. The proposed...
December 10, 2019
4th EMB Brown Bag Lunch - Blue Carbon
Brown Bag Lunches are informal informative events held over lunch (to be provided) where a scientific expert provides a short and provocative view on a specific policy topic, followed by an open...
December 9, 2019
Moving2Gather (3rd Edition)
Movement analysis has developed considerably in recent years, creating new opportunities for research and planning that were explored in the two previous iterations of this workshop in 2015 and 2017...
December 9, 2019
Official call for 15 Early-Stage Researchers in GMOS-TRAIN project
The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action international project Global Mercury Observation and Training Network in Support to the Minamata Convention (GMOS-Train) has announced their official call for Early-...
December 6, 2019
ECSA 58 - EMECS 13 Estuaries and coastal seas in the Anthropocene
Structure, functions, services and management
Please note that this conference has been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The conference was originally scheduled to take place from 7-11 September 2020. The Estuarine and Coastal Sciences...
December 5, 2019
Abstract deadline extension for Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region conference
The organisers of the international conference Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region, From Environmental aspects to socio-economic impacts have announced that they have extended the abstract...
December 5, 2019
EuroMarine call for candidates for 2020 Steering Committee positions
EuroMarine opens on 5 Dec. 2019 its annual call for candidates to join its Steering Committee (SC) - to be partially renewed every year from 2016 on, as decided by the General Assembly (GA) during...
December 4, 2019
SOPHIE conference: People, Health and the Ocean
Update - Due to the current situation with Covid-19, the SOPHIE Project conference has been cancelled / postponed indefinitely. However, the Strategic Research Agenda on Oceans and Human Health in...
December 3, 2019
Stakeholder Relations Manager for the Pilots4U Network
The European BBI-JU CSA Project Pilots4U set up a user friendly database of open access pilot and demo-infrastructures for the European bio-economy. The database currently contains over 450 entries...
December 3, 2019
PhD course: Transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable marine aquaculture
As part of their participation in the Assemble+ project, the Swedish Mariculture Research Center (SWEMARC) has announced a PhD course titled Transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable marine...
December 3, 2019
EMD in My Country
In parallel with the European Maritime Day (EMD) Conference in Cork (14 & 15 May 2020), a series of local "EMD In My Country" events will take place all over Europe for the general public....
December 3, 2019
EGU 2020 OS3.3: Mercury and persistent organic pollutants in the ocean
EuroMarine member organisation the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS) will be leading a special session during the upcoming EGU General Assembly 2020. This...
December 3, 2019
EGU General Assembly 2020
Due to Covid-19, this event will be proceeding as an entirely online event. Full information on how to contribute to, join and participate in this event can be found at the Updated Conference website...
December 3, 2019
EuroMarine first 2020 Steering Committee meeting
This (closed) Steering Committee meeting will be held on 17 January PM at NIB Marine Biology Station in Piran, just after the EuroMarine 2020 General Assembly meeting.
November 27, 2019
AMEMR Conference 2020
The 6th Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research (AMEMR) Conference will enable interdisciplinary discussion among stakeholders and modelling, observational and experimental  scientists and...
November 26, 2019
Call for applications to join OYSTER in 2020
Orienting Young Scientists of EuroMarine - EuroMarine early career scientists group
OYSTER (Orienting Young Scientists of EuroMarine; EuroMarine's early career scientists working group) is looking for enthusiastic, engaged and creative young scientists who are willing to play an...
November 26, 2019
Knowledge Exchange and Training Course on Metabarcoding and Metagenomic Data Processing and Analyses
EuroMarine Member Organisation SZN Anton Dohrn has announced registrations are open for a Knowledge Exchange and Training course on Metabarcoding and Metagenomic Data Processing and Analyses. This...
November 26, 2019
Cryosphere and Atmospheric Chemistry (CATCH) Workshop
The CATCH mission is to facilitate atmospheric chemistry research within the international community, with a focus on natural processes specific to cold regions of the Earth. Cold regions include...
November 26, 2019
Postdoctoral position on flow-topography interactions in the Gulf of Guinea
LEGOS (France) are seeking a postdoctoral candidate to conduct research on regional ocean dynamics in the Gulf of Guinea, mostly through numerical modelling. The successful candidate would work as...
November 26, 2019
EUROFLEETS+ Remote Transnational Access Programme
The Remote Transnational Access (RTA) Programme will provide researchers with remote access to samples or data from any of the state-of-the-art research vessels (RVs) offered within EUROFLEETS+. This...
November 26, 2019
EUROFLEETS+ Co-Principal Investigator Programme
The Co-Principal Investigator (PI) Programme is specifically aimed at early career researchers, or researchers with no experience in leading a research cruise, to implement their own research...
November 26, 2019
Three postdoctoral positions in ocean and climate science
The ETH Zürich Environmental Physics Group is seeking three postdoctoral researchers to join its interdisciplinary team. The group studies climate and oceans from regional to global scales. The...
November 26, 2019
PhD and postdoctoral positions in marine isotope geochemistry
The research group for Marine Isotope Geochemistry / Central Marine-Chemical Analytics facility at the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) of the Carl von Ossietzky...
November 26, 2019
2nd OYSTER Workshop
EuroMarine is committed to supporting early career researchers and promote bottom-up science from the marine science community. Following a successful Young Scientist Working Group (YSWG), the first...
November 22, 2019
IIFET 2020 Galicia: Early abstract submissions now open
Early abstract submission is now open for the IIFET Biennial Conference, taking place in Vigo (Spain) 29 June - 3 July 2020. The deadline for early abstract submissions is 10 December 2019. The early...
November 18, 2019
Vacancy: EMBRC Communication Officer
The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC-ERIC) has announced they are seeking to hire a communication officer, who would be based at their headquarters at Sorbonne Université in Paris. ...
November 14, 2019
Fifteen PhD positions in Hg science
The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action international project “Global Mercury Observation and Training Network in Support to the Minamata Convention” (GMOS-Train) is seeking early-stage researchers to join...
November 8, 2019
6th European Conference on Scientific Diving
The 6th European Conference on Scientific Diving will be held in Freiberg (Germany) at the 22-25 of April 2020. The conference will be organized and conducted by the Scientific Diving Center of the...
November 7, 2019
Postdoctoral position supporting the identification of the priority areas for marine conservation in the Azores
This position aims at supporting the identification of the priority areas for marine conservation in the Azores. The main objectives of this position are: Bibliographic review of existing scientific...
November 7, 2019
8th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces - reminder
The deadline for Early bird registration and early career researcher application to the 8th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces is 15 November 2019. The event will be held at...
November 7, 2019
Twelve postdoctoral positions in marine and ocean sciences
Ifremer (France) is offering twelve postdoctoral contracts for a period of 18 months to researchers proposing innovative projects that are consistent with the three main themes below: Protect and...
November 7, 2019
Genomics for a Blue Economy
Sustainability and Cutting-edge Technologies in Marine Natural Products Discovery
EuroMarine Member Organisation Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN) is hosting a workshop, "Genomics for a Blue Economy", aimed at identfying the current methods, challenges and future directions in...
November 7, 2019
Two postdoctoral positions in analytical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology
The University of Gothenburg (Sweden) is offering two postdoctoral positions within its Marine Science department. The positions focus on different aspects of microbiology and molecular biology...
November 7, 2019
Launch event for new Navigating the Future V Policy Brief
The European Marine Board (EMB), along with co-organisers the European Bureau for Conservation and Development, have announced a launch event for their new policy brief "Navigating the Future V:...
November 7, 2019
Training Course: Qualitative Mathematical Modelling for Socio-Ecological Systems
As part of the MarCons COST action, the Institute of Marine Science (ICM-CSIC) has organised a course aimed at introducing qualitative mathematical modelling as a means to understand and predict the...
November 7, 2019
Postdoctoral offer in Physical Oceanography
Ifremer has announced it is seeking applicants for an 18-month postdoctoral position to join the Ocean and Climate team at the Laboratory of Physical and Spatial Oceanography (LOPS). This position...
November 7, 2019
7th European Marine Board Forum: Big Data in Marine Science
Update: Due to current issues with Covid-19, this event has been postponed until 23 October 2020. The venue and programme will remain the same. The Future Science Brief will be launched via a webinar...
November 7, 2019
EMODnet Biology Call for Data Grants
EMODnet Biology has announced a call for proposals to help increase the amount of data made available and to cover existing geographical, temporal and/or taxonomic data gaps. Successful proposals...
November 7, 2019
Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 Published
The Future is Now: Science for Achieving Sustainable Development
GSDR 2019
Following the international adoption of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016, "The Future is Now: Science for Achieving Sustainable Development" (published 11 September 2019) reports...
November 7, 2019
Orienting Young Scientists of EuroMarine II
News The Working Group will be holding a workshop on 14-15 January 2020 in order to consolidate the knowledge gathered to date, establish detailed goals and targets and develop a plan for achieving...
October 30, 2019
Developing technology and methods for the precise investigation of marine animal forest 3D-structural complexity
Due to impediments caused by Covid-19, the organisers have made some adjustments to the scheduling of this workshop: 21 May 2020: A video-conference will be held to allow the participants to get to...
October 30, 2019
Emergent impacts on coastal areas:
Adding the role of light pollution to the management and protection of ocean commons
Marine coastal areas host highly productive ecosystems that are threatened by the high rate of urban development in these areas and associated stressors affecting ecosystem processes. An integrated...
October 30, 2019
Threats of endocrine-disrupting compounds and environmental pollutants to the marine biosphere: translating models to real life
Activity Update The organisers have confirmed that MODEL-EDC will be held virtually from 24-26 November 2021.  Activity Description A major challenge facing humanity and the ocean’s health is the...
October 30, 2019
From species connectivity to functional connectivity
UPDATE: This foresight workshop has been rescheduled for 3-5 May 2021.  Research on ecosystem connectivity has traditionally relied on species dispersal (structural connectivity), although this is...
October 30, 2019
Modelling different components of marine plankton biodiversity
The MODIV foresight workshop held a virtual workshop on 19, 21 and 25-27 August, 2020. The organisers are currently assessing whether there will be an in-person workshop sometime in 2022, with a...
October 30, 2019
Modelling and prediction of harmful algal blooms, from event responses to multi - decadal projections
Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the organisers of this workshop have decided to postpone it until Spring 2022. The dates listed above are tentative and will be updated once confirmed. Harmful...
October 29, 2019
Multi-Modelled Marine Ecosystems
With European travel opening back up, the organisers have rearranged for this event to be held in person from the 11th to the 14th of October, 2021 in Nantes, France. An Ecosystem Approach to marine...
October 29, 2019
Incorporating ecosystem functioning in marine biodiversity assessments
Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19 and the array of restrictions imposed across Europe, the organisers have decided to postpone the in-person portion of the EFIMBA FWS until a date as yet to...
October 29, 2019
Coral Ecology and Conservation in Mesophotic Temperate Ecosystems
ECoMeS had been specifically designed to follow after the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS 2020) . Due to Covid-19 and the resultant postponement of ICRS 2020, this Euromarine-funded...
October 29, 2019
Open PhD position in Marine Ecology and Evolution
The University of Bergen (UiB) is seeking applicants for a PhD position in marine ecology and evolution within their Department of Biological Sciences. The 3-year role will be working within the ...
October 23, 2019